Friday May 20, 2016


The Port Chester Council for the Arts, Inc. (PCCFA) of Port Chester, New York launched an exciting initiative giving thousands of children nationwide the opportunity to learn about and be personally inspired by the creative arts - during the school day. One day every year, all public and private schools across America are encouraged to incorporate the arts into their classes from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

How this is done is up to the creativity and motivation of the schools and teachers. It can be as ambitious as having all classes take part in a school-wide performance or creative arts event, or as simple as a teacher enhancing that day's lessons with an arts focus of her or his choice. The possibilities are endless. Welcome a visiting artist, present that day's lessons with an arts twist (yes even math and science classes!), premiere a student film, have students participate by drawing, painting or performing in the classroom.  Check out, "Participate in 2013" on this website for more ideas from our education experts.

Exposure to the arts plants the seeds that inspire children, create careers and grow businesses.
If you like to watch TV...you already support the arts.  Behind every show are writers, composers, performers, producers and designers. American arts, including music, movies, television and books, generate trillions of dollars for the economy and inspire global relationships and innovation. At the core of these businesses are the artists. Every one of them started out as a student who liked to read, write, act in a play, sing in a musical, dance, play an instrument, draw pictures or make a video.

It costs nothing to participate and there is no organization to join.
Schools can make it as ambitious or as modest as they choose. It's about your own school offering experiences that will excite young people about the personal and career opportunities created by exposure to the arts. Sanctioning of the arts by schools validates creative thinking, encourages personal innovation and heightens self-esteem.

About The Port Chester Council for the Arts.
The Port Chester Council for the Art, Incwas founded in 1981 and has created many arts-in-education programs including Port Chester Schools' Literacy Through the Arts visiting artists program (1999-present), Kinderart (1987-present), Castle Kids & Connections arts-based childcare (1987-present) and the After-School Arts Workshops (1982-1989).