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May 20, 2016    


NATIONAL ARTS IN THE SCHOOL DAY (NASD) gives young people in grades K-12 the opportunity to experience and be inspired by all kinds of creative arts - in school.

Participation is FREE and there are no rules.

The day's activities can be as ambitious or as modest as schools wish. The 1st NASD took place on April 16, 2008 as six schools in the Port Chester, New York public schools opened their doors to 30 guest artists who shared their art with students at every grade level - through special presentations, assemblies, master classes and talk-backs. On this same day, classroom teachers taught the day's lessons with an arts focus or through an arts-based approach to Language Arts, Algebra, American History, the Sciences and yes, even spelling!
This platform includes three key priorities:

publicly champion the importance of arts education, expand public and private partnerships between schools and arts organizations; and create an Artists Corps.

NATIONAL ARTS IN THE SCHOOL DAY embodies all of these goals including a model based on 30 years of community programming. President Obama entered office with the first-ever presidential artsuccess, for a community Artists Corps.
This new era of change recognizes the power of individuals at community levels to make a difference in building a better America.

NATIONAL ARTS IN THE SCHOOL DAY is a way to keep the arts in your school at no cost.

Participate in 2016 and create unforgettable arts experiences for young people, teachers and artists in your community.




The Port Chester Council for the Arts, Inc. * 211 South Ridge Street * Rye Brook, New York 10573
A not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community arts organization